Pneumatic Skinning Knife

  • efficient clean and safe skinning
  • durable and low maintenance

Band Saw SB 49 08

Splitting Saw for hogs and cattle

  • manual belt tensioning system
  • machine safety switch
  • water hose unit
  • built in interior disinfection system
  • Optional 2 hand safety circuit



Band Saw 50 08


Splitter-Band-Saw for Cattle and Sows


Voltage: 230V, Frequency: 60Hz

Blade guiding: lever HF,Blade tensioning

  • Lever tape quides
  • Machine Safety Switch
  • water hose unit
  • built in disinfection unit

Reciprocating Saw

Boning and Quartering Circular Saw

Splitting circular Saw

Disassembling Circular Saw

Schermer Captive Bolt Gun

  • high penetrating power with high slaughter performance
  • effective trigger safety system
  • automatic cartridge ejector
  • quick locking bayonet lock
  • little wear due to robust construction
  • low friction and maintenance costs
  • easy to use