• Processing capacity approximately 40-50 hogs per hour
  • Maximum hog weight approximately 600 pounds
  • Machine exterior either in stainless steel or hot dip galvanized
  • Features built in control cabinet
  • Roller fitted with 36 special beaters
  • Dehairing time and machine filling individually adjustable


Flame Bridge

  • For total dehairing leaving no hair behind
  • Flame bridge constructed of stainless steel
  • Control unit in central control cabinet
  • Choice of propane or natural gas
  • Compressed air operated
  • Includes eight (8) stainless steel burners


Scalding Tank

  • Hogs automatically rotated
  • For 2-3 hogs under water
  • Heating 40-50 Kw electric heater or option of steam by direct injection via special jet or using heat exchanger
  • Automatically controlled scalding temperature
  • Scalding temperature approximately 144 degrees F
  • Circulation pump for better scalding


Elevator trolley lifts stunned and bled animal from stunning area into the scald tank