Swine and Sheep Euthanasia                     TBG 96N



  Portable electric stunner designed to humanely euthanize swine. Stunner will be first applied to head (to render insensibility) and then to body for proper euthanasia.

  Electric stunning with the capability of reaching the correct amperage from a 120- volt outlet or 220 volt outlet

  The TBG 96 is able to be powered and completely operational by a portable 3300- watt generator or normal receptacle.

  The TBG 96 has the ability to meet the proper amperage for euthanasia of at least

2.0 amps.


  It is designed for continuous operation and fast start up, using stunning tongs assembly to apply the electrical current to the animal.


  The TBG 96 is fully portable, i.e., can be utilized in remote locations with appropriate electricity/generator support.


  The TBG 96 has separate displays to show voltage and amperes.

  The TBG 96 has an audible alarm to indicate proper stunning time has been reached.

  The TBG 96 has a visual alarm to indicate proper stunning time has been reached.

  The TBG 96 has three different programs to allow for stunning of animals of different weights.

  The TBG 96 can be operated by single individual and be ergonomically configured for use. Operational requirements

  The TBG 96 is capable of being operational within 1 hour of arrival on site.

  The TBG 96 is portable with quick setup. It has a handle so it can be carried.

  The TBG 96 can be utilized for up to 12 hours per day non-stop.

  The TBG 96 is able to apply electrical current using tongs for both smaller animala (lambs and piglets) and larger animals (up to 900 lbs.).

  The Stunning Cord length for tongs is 20 feet.

  The TBG 96 is capable of operating in environments between -15o C to +40o C with humidity of 5% to 95%.

  The TBG 96 can be cleaned after use with conventional equipment.

  The TBG 96 is simple to operate and totally safe for humans to use.

  An operation manual is included with each stunner and maintenance and troubleshooting sections are included.